Wardrobe Test: Brooke Hummer

Last spring, I did this wonderful wardrobe test with the talented Brooke Hummer. It was fun learning to choose clothes for children and especially fun to work with them.  We were depicting these children to be wise beyond their years, so I wasn’t challenged to stray too far from my usual choices, but I was challenged to find the right outfits in the children’s sections. Shopping for girls can be blindingly bright, especially in the spring.





A Baking Kind of Weekend

Booker made Baked Alaska for his birthday, inspired by Mr. Peabody and Sherman. His intention is to have the entire menu is his cooking repertoire.

The base of the cake is a chocolate sponge layered with raspberry sorbet and strawberry ice cream, topped with meringue. He flambeed the meringue rather than baking at a high temperature.

2015-03-15_BookersBdayBakedAlaska01 2015-03-15_BookersBdayBakedAlaska03

Martha Stewart Baked Alaska Recipe.

Strawberry Stack Birthday Cake for Mom.

Layers of dense, cookie-like vanilla cake, layered with homemade strawberry jam, topped with chocolate ganache, strawberry jam, whipped cream, and freeze dried strawberries. I cut the recipe in half, making only three layers.


Recipe from America’s Test Kitchen Magazine, Fall 2012, Strawberry Stack Cake.

Sneak Peak: Styling Wind!

I recently participated in a lovely photo shoot with the photographer Damien Thompson. His concept was to explore the unexpected quality that wind or air would add to a photograph – catching hair, fabric, flowers – trying to capture that moment we cannot really see.

I was brought in as the wardrobe stylist and had a grand time putting together light, airy outfits that would catch some of the unexpected-ness of the wind. I also got to toss flower petals around all day, which is as good as playing with bubbles and blowing dandelion seeds, so you can count me a happy stylist.





Photographer: Damien Thompson
Producer: Brenda Whaley
Wardrobe: Joanna Aloysia Patterson (me!)
HMUA: Jamie Tannenbaum
Assistant: Nathanael Filbert
Talent: Morgan (BMG), Megan (Ford), Siearra (Ford), and Melody (Stewart)

Night at the Lyric Opera

I recently had a wonderful night out at the Lyric Opera and had the brilliant foresight to bring my camera with me. I have wanted to photograph in this space for such a long time, and there is no better time than as an actual audience member. Of course, I would never dream of photographing the performance, but peeking at the crowds during intermission has always been such fun.

2013-10-25_ChallengeWeek_Otello_IMG_3827 2013-10-25_ChallengeWeek_Otello_IMG_3875 2013-10-25_ChallengeWeek_Otello_IMG_3885I had an impromptu portrait session after the opera was over as well. 🙂


New Workspace

So I now have a new home and a new workspace. I’m pleased with how cozy my space is and the fact that I have a nice window to look out of while I work.


As always, the books were the first to get organized and put away.

2013-11-18_StudioforBlog_IMG_3928 2013-11-18_StudioforBlog_IMG_3936

My favorite part about the whole office is that I have a nice inspiration board full of cards, thank you notes, and promos because you’ve got to surround yourself with positivity.


Take Out Magazine

It’s been a great month for mail. I keep receiving little, unexpected presents:

This summer I was asked to contribute an article about freelancing as a creative professional. My friends Blair Mishleau and Caro Griffin put together this fun magazine called Take Out. These two are the sassiest people that ever expressed themselves in a magazine.

My issue came last week! You can buy a digital copy or a real copy for yourself. 🙂

2013-11-18_StudioforBlog_IMG_3888 1 2013-11-18_StudioforBlog_IMG_3889 1 2013-11-18_StudioforBlog_IMG_3893 1